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Aldo Buttazzoni: IFC Chapter President of the week

This week’s IFC chapter president of the week is Aldo Buttazzoni from Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji). Buttazzoni is currently studying International Relations inside the James Madison College and is a rising senior. Buttazzoni wanted to become president because, “I saw an opportunity to make meaningful change in my community and I thought I was the best candidate to do it.”

Buttazzoni has learned a lot about himself being chapter president. “I’ve honestly learned more about myself through this experience than anything else – how/where I work best, the way I communicate with other people, what types of things stress me out, how I handle conflict, etc.” Coming with being president means a lot of guys looking up to you. When giving advice to future leaders in his chapter Buttazzoni had this to say, “Respect is more important than love – don’t compromise your goals and have patience.”

Speaking of future leaders Buttazzoni believes that everyone should try to take a leadership role, no matter how big it is or how important. “Everyone has something they can offer their fraternity/brothers whether they know it or not. While it might not be a “bigger” role, it’s important to look at yourself and identify what you are good at or passionate for and turn that into a positive thing for the chapter. No matter who you are, taking a position of leadership within your chapter is a great opportunity to find out more about yourself and what skills you have.”

Freshmen looking to join a fraternity can look forward to social aspects, brotherhood but Buttazzoni dives deeper into having a support network that always has your back. “As men, I think it is very important that we have a support network of other men that we can confide in and trust. Fraternities give you an environment to connect with your peers on a deep level and give you that support network. They also give you myriad opportunities in leadership, social activity, and scholastic achievement. No matter what you’re looking for there is a fraternity and a group of men out there that would be perfect for you.”

Buttazzoni has picked up a lot of transferable skills to the outside world while being in a fraternity but also in a leadership role. “Greek life has taught me how to see the big picture. You start off being a pledge and getting to your fraternity internally to then networking with other fraternities and sororities and coming together for a shared common goal like Greek Week or Safe Halloween. Greek Life has taught me how individual groups can come together and make the community a better place.”

Outside of greek life Aldo enjoys being politically active with organizations such as James Madison College Conservatives, Turning Point USA and Sparty PAC. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, live music, playing cards, photography and playing super smash. On top of all that he is an Eagle Scout.

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