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Alec Giragosian: IFC Chapter President of the week

This week’s chapter president of the week is Alec Giragosian. He is the president of Tau Kappa Epsilon, he is a rising Junior who is studying communications. Giragosian had no intention to rush when he came to campus but was persuaded by close friends. “I really had no interest in rushing when I came to campus but some of my friends wanted to and I had a good friend in Teke who welcomed me with open arms at rush. I felt that I fit in well and have loved it ever since.”

Giragosian wanted to become a chapter president because he felt that he wanted to leave his mark when he left MSU. “Guys in the past had always said that you get out what you put into your fraternity, and I just wanted to give as much as I can to my fraternity and brothers.” But along with being the president came big responsibilities. A big learning curve for him was realizing that he can’t control everything and to not stress about things out of your control.

As rush is approaching Giragosian has some advice for kids who are looking into joining a fraternity, “Don’t be so quick to judge houses based on what you’ve heard, try and see houses for yourself before making a decision.” One thing that greek life has taught Giragosian is, “How to work with different people and accomplish various tasks together, simple things like this is what will help me and other greek life members in our futures.”

Outside of greek life Giragosian likes to play hockey, watch sports and hang out with friends. His favorite memory from being here at MSU is watching MSU beat Duke to move on in March Madness. Giragosian stayed humble about his involvement with his chapter, “I’m just a regular guy trying to help grow my chapter.”

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