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Camden Rittenhouse: IFC President of the Week

Our first ever Michigan State Interfraternity Council President of the week is Camden Rittenhouse. A junior in Phi Kappa Sigma studying Advertising Management. Hailing from Los Angeles California Rittenhouse decided to rush Fall 2017, immediately when he came on campus. “Coming from Los Angeles, I didn’t know anyone, so I saw it as a great opportunity to meet plenty of new people,” Rittenhouse said.

While being president hasn’t been easy Rittenhouse has been ready for it ever since he joined his fraternity. “I have always had a leadership role in my chapter, so I thought my experience would make me a great fit to be President,” Rittenhouse said. While previous experience helps it doesn’t mean being a president doesn’t come with its ups and downs. “This past semester brought so much with it, especially towards the end. I think the biggest learning curve has been how to manage issues that are vastly more important than the ones that pertain to our individual chapter.”

Rittenhouse has learned a lot being President and he hopes to pass down some tips and some other knowledge to not only his own chapter but others as well. “ALWAYS ASK FOR HELP. Know that your Eboard is there to help in any and all situations.”

He’s always encouraging younger members of his fraternity to step up and become something greater than just a regular member. “This is a great opportunity to use your strengths to help your chapter grow in a multitude of ways.”

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