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FSLR: Fraternity, Sorority Life Retreat

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Feb. 15 all Chapter Presidents and all four greek councils (IFC, PC, NPHC, MGC) gathered on campus in the KIVA room to discuss current greek issues.

We had the opportunity for a private impromptu "Greeks Take the Lead" event with IFC and PC presidents about watching your brothers and what to do when you need to contact authorities. Then we went over some MSU resources that deal with mental health and how we should deal with certain situations that we might encounter with our brothers or other people in our day to day lives.

We had meaningful conversations about future events and what we can do improve communications between all four councils. We don’t get the opportunity to have open conversations with all four councils very often so this was quite a privilege.

This was very productive and we can’t wait to start getting the ball rolling on all of these projects and plans we have in the works.

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