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February 13th

Our Message Regarding the Events of February 13th.

Monday the 13th was a shocking and life-changing event for Spartans and our community across the globe. The place we call home was terrorized in a senseless act of violence that many of us are far too familiar with.

During this time we lost one of our own Inter-fraternal men. Brian Fraser was an amazing leader of his Phi Delta Theta Chapter, a passionate brother, and a friend to countless. The departure of Brian from our community has left an impossible hole in our hearts and minds.

The men of IFC and the greater Greek life community hold the victims including Brian Fraser, Alexandria Verner, Arielle Anderson, and all of the injured victims and families close to our hearts and in our prayers. We promise to do all we can to support their families in their time of suffering.

In this troubling time, it is important that we stand united more than ever. We have all experienced impossible loss but the despair and sorrow we feel will not subside anytime soon. But it’s important for our community to move forward as one and stand strong against these acts of hatred.

Our community is proud, resilient, and kind. As we move into the future, remember to be there for one another. Don’t be afraid to have those tough discussions, and check in on your brothers and sisters. We will get through this together as a Spartan family. #SpartansWill #SpartanStrong

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