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IFC New Member Orientation

On Feb. 16 IFC hosted their spring orientation for new members. It was hosted at Wells Hall in four different lecture halls.

Us as an executive board gave an introduction session to all of the new members on what they should expect and what we hope they'll get out of it. We then broke them up into three groups and sent them to three different lecture halls.

The first session that new members attended was a mental health and a police seminar on how to be safe. This was done by MSU POE and East Lansing Police Department.

The second session was also put on by MSU POE and it was part of their "Greeks Take the Lead" program. They discussed how to properly deal with situations such as mental health and other problems they might encounter as greek men.

After two sessions we then broke for lunch where we provided Domino's Pizza and gave out water and soda. Shortly after we then dove straight into our third and final session of the day.

The third and final session of the day was put on MSU AOD who put on an alcoholic safety talk which was very informative and provided tips to prevent binge drinking.

We would like to thank our Vice President of Programming Sean Lishawa for setting up and organizing such a great event. We can't wait to put on a similar event in the fall.

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