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Joe Savastano: IFC president of the Week

This week’s IFC chapter president of the week is Joe Savastano from Phi Kappa Psi. Savastano is a sophomore at Michigan State studying Journalism. He wanted to get involved more at MSU so he decided to rush a fraternity the first semester on campus. “Coming from out-of-state, I wanted to make a group of friends as well as get involved with the Michigan State community as quickly as possible. I went to Phi Psi on the first night of rush and never went anywhere else.”

Savastano always knew that he had the ability to lead and leave something better than when he found it. “I wanted to give back to the people who have meant so much to my college experience while continuing to be a part of my chapter’s growth.” Being a president isn’t a walk in the park by any means. “I have learned to be a better leader and friend amongst my peers while being able to handle short-term and long-term problems my chapter sees as we adjust to our new size and environment. The hardest thing to learn was when to ask for help. Your first month in this position you think you can do everything by yourself, but you find out quickly that it is not possible.”

Taking a bigger role in your chapter can be a daunting task for some but for others it can be very rewarding. “I have loved my semesters as Rush Chair and President. It gives you great insight into how to handle a small business while being able to help out your best friends.” As being a past rush chair Savastano takes rush very seriously and recommends finding the one that is best for you. “Do not just rush one house and make sure you choose the chapter you will fit the best in. Remember to join for the brothers, not the physical house.”

Outside of just Fraternity life Savastano hopes to improve communications between all four councils. “The connections made between every IFC, PC, MGC, and NHPC chapters should improve.” In addition, MSU Greek Life has provided him with a great number of friends and connections to help accomplish his goals. “The biggest thing I have learned in Greek life is the importance of friendships and communication. Going to weekly president’s meetings, philanthropy events, and things like Greek Week have helped me to make many connections and become more sociable.”

Outside of Fraternity life Savastano works for Jackson National Life and has previously worked for the Spartan Sports Report and the Big Ten Network. Some hobbies he enjoys is watching movies, reading, writing, and going for runs. His favorite memory here at MSU is State beating Duke in the Elite 8.

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