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AFLV Central Conference

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

This February MSU’s Interfraternity Council traveled to AFLV (Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values) conference. It was a four-day conference from Jan. 30- Feb. 2 at the Indianapolis Convention Center.

Us as an IFC were able to gain a lot of insight into what other IFC’s have in place as far as policy and what we can improve on. One thing that was already in the works for us as a University was a Judicial board. Other universities have had this for years but we are a little late to the party but are currently working through red tape with MSU.

We were also able to bond and learn about the other three councils (Panhellenic Council, National Panhellenic Council, and Multi-Cultural Greeks) that also joined us on the Pilgrimage to AFLV.

Getting the privilege to witness the “Stroll Off” was a really great opportunity that I’ve never participated in before. The energy was electric the entire show. I am really glad we were given the opportunity to witness it,” Alex Childers, Executive Vice-President said.

In addition, we met up with other Big Ten IFC’s and PC’s at a local restaurant to make connections and see what their campus culture was like. It was nice to talk about similar problems with someone outside your own school.

This was a great experience and we highly recommend attending to the next IFC executive board council.

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