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Matthew Lanzone: IFC president of the Week

This week’s Interfraternity Council’s Chapter President of the Week is Matthew Lanzone in Delta Sigma Phi. Lanzone is a Sophomore who rushed the first semester when he came to MSU and is currently studying Kinesiology. What seems to be a recurring theme when interviewing chapter presidents is their shared characteristic from all being from far away places. “I decided to rush because I am from California and didn’t know anyone at Michigan State my Freshman year. I decided to get out and find a group of friends right away instead of being alone on the huge Michigan State campus.”

Lanzone always felt up to the job of chapter president and sees that he can improve on things that others haven’t yet. “I always knew I wanted to be President of the fraternity I joined. I love to

take leadership roles and make the places I leave a better and more enjoyable place on campus. I wanted to make changes for the better and gain more life skills through the job.” Going along with also seeing different challenges Lanzonen understands how hard it is dealing with different kinds of people. “I think the biggest learning curve would be how to deal with different people in different situations and environments. Also the responsibilities and time management with all the work you have to do.”

Besides learning people skills as a chapter president you learn that there are a lot more financials to deal with, money in and money out. “I think the best thing I have learned is how to manage a small

business at a young age. I am only a sophomore and 20 years old, and knowing what goes into running a group of people with as many aspects as a fraternity actually has within it is an education I could never get from being in a classroom.”

Leaving things better than he found it is the main reason why Lanzone wanted to take a leadership role and why he encourages others to do the same. “What would be the point of leaving a house the same way you entered it. It is better to leave your mark and make sure that something changes to make everyone’s college/greek life experience better at Michigan State.”

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