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Ryan Welch: IFC president of the Week

Michigan State University brings students from all across the country to East Lansing. Even as far as Wyoming, Ryan Welch came to MSU to study Neuroscience with a minor in math. Along with studying Welch was looking for friends not knowing anyone here. Friends in his freshmen dorm all went out to rush and he came as well. “I didn't know anyone having moved from Wyoming and some guys on my floor convinced me to check it out with them. Shortly after we all pledged Theta Chi together,” Welch said.

Being a chapter president definitely comes with its ups and downs and being able to work through them is the real challenge. “The biggest learning curve I've had is learning how to effectively delegate responsibility because my presidency is practically a job and it can be hard to balance that with social life and school,” Welch said. But that doesn’t mean Welch has to make every decision alone and by himself, “The best thing I've learned over my term so far is how to use my resources around me in guiding me through challenges whether it be my peers, brothers, alumni, IFC officers or Guillermo and many more.”

Welch would recommend anyone to take a leadership role in their chapter, it’s great overall experience dealing with so many different skills you’ll use later in life. “I would passionately recommend others take a bigger role in their chapter because it gives a whole new meaning to fraternity life and teaches you a great deal about yourself and the people around you and helps you grow in ways you could never predict.”

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